Getting the true colors of Henna Tattoos


Artistically decorating one’s body incorporated the needs of tattoos. From several decades, tattoo art has been practiced in many parts of the world to glorify skin with the help of ravishing and mesmerizing tattoo designs. Being a perfect alternative to traditional tattoos, art-Henna tattoos are the best décor for one’s body. Derived from a bush -Lawsonia Inermis, henna is a natural dye used as a coloring pigment. Being temporary, tattoo henna holds a key place in many religious and wedding ceremonies. Henna tattoos act as a reflection of one’s inner self and mood leaving behind an orange- red color shade to the bearer’s skin. As a great symbol of celebration, joy and love, henna also holds a key place in numerous medications too.
Across the world, different pleasant styles and designs of henna tattoos are used to décor various parts of body. Now a day henna designs are applied using henna tattoo cones unlike yesterday. The intensity and longevity of the henna tattoos however vary differently. A fresh henna cone stain generally lasts for 20-30 days delivering the liberty to use different designs and style unlike traditional tattoos. The skin acts as major factor in deciding the intensity and longevity of henna stains. A cleaned thicker skin stains more and gives darker henna stains. Along with this, henna stains are better on people with higher body temperature. Although the full good color of henna tattoo takes 5-10 days after paste removal but longer the moist henna is in contact with skin better outcomes it delivers.

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