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Fab product, easy to use for a novice & totally lovely colour, a goreous brown colour on my very pale skin. Swift delivery. Totally love the product & definitely recommend both product & seller.


I would recommend when using any henna you should leave it on for as long as you can to get a darker colour also wet your finger tips and splash it to get it wet again and that will help it become darker. then once you take it off rub any dry oil – i like coconut oil – onto it and expected to see a darker colour the next day


I’m a complete beginner, but I am very pleased with the henna cones. I had no nasty reaction and once you get used to them they are easy to use 🙂 The seller kindly sends you instructions on how best to use them and they arrived quickly and well packaged. Despite their size, if you use them properly they can last a long time


Very pleased with this product, arrived much earlier than expected which was great!! The email they send you is very helpful and the Henna is very easy to apply. The tubes were bigger than I was expecting which is also great! Leaves a lovely dark brown colour behind when applied properly. Overall – a great buy, definitely recommend 🙂


I received the henna cones only 3 days after I placed my order for them, and I was also emailed some details on how to get the best results. Following the instructions, I found the product really easy to use (each cone even has its own peg to slot back into the end of it so that the henna is kept safe inside the cone for reuse).The design I now have on my skin is crisp, sharp, and a beautiful colour!


Wonderful. Some of the best henna I have used. It gets very dark over the first 72 hours and is just perfect. Good sized tube with a teeny tiny nib and nice instructions too, which help you get the best out of the product. Would buy again!


Dear Pooja,Thank you for the excellent customer service. I
have tried the cassia powder as a conditioning treatment along side my
indigo and henna and I’m very happy with the results.


Dear Herbal Magic,I recently bought some indigo and henna powder from you. I applied it yesterday using the 2 step process and I must say how pleased I am with the product.I would very much like to order another pack for myself and another for my sister so she can try the product. It is for this reason I am emailing to ask for a discount if possible. I look forward to your positive reply.


The combination of red henna powder and indigo powder has darkened my hair. My original hair colour was mid brown with red. I have used red henna for years. As my hair has gradually whitened the red has become more intense. I had never used indigo before so was cautious about the amount that I added to the mix. Around half a standard mug to 1 teaspoon of indigo to start with worked for me. The pack came with plastic gloves and a shower cap The gloves were too thin so would recommend that you use a stronger latex glove when appplying. The actual product is very good.


I would like to say big thank you Mohit for your brilliant product, what a great end result. I did try to call you just 10 min ago but no response so I thought let me send you an email in regards to your lovely product. I’ve tried this two days ago and haven’t washed my hair yet but straight away the result is so good and I must say that your Hanna truly the best. Please let me know your bank details and what are the cost in total so I will make a payment by BACS. I’ve never use the other powder but I’ll try that as well in due course.

Miss Kimberely

I’m a natural blond in my 30’s and would say about a 5th of my hair is unnoticeable grey, this will not lighten it but dose cover grey and gives my hair life back. I still keep all my different tones and natural highlights and use lemon juice etc to lighten it in between treatments. I only use camomile and almond oil in the mixture as acid with it brings out the deeper golden tone and as i’m a light blond i found doing that do dark for me, also add a teaspoon on rhubarb root powder. My hair comes out amazing soft, not one can guess its not all mine and the best thing is as a natural blond light changes the tone and this still keeps that element happening and i still get people zoning out on my hair as they are trying to figure it out. and yes i was white blond till i was 25 and naturally my hair went more golden so this just looks like a natural blond. Really pleased and best thing you can freeze you mixture and do your roots as often as needed. The pack gives you a cap and will be ordering a larger park next time to save money. Left it on for about 4-5 and to wash it out you need to wash about 7 times (might be less if you don’t use oil) and use a wide tooth to give it a hand.