Miss Kimberely

I’m a natural blond in my 30’s and would say about a 5th of my hair is unnoticeable grey, this will not lighten it but dose cover grey and gives my hair life back. I still keep all my different tones and natural highlights and use lemon juice etc to lighten it in between treatments. I only use camomile and almond oil in the mixture as acid with it brings out the deeper golden tone and as i’m a light blond i found doing that do dark for me, also add a teaspoon on rhubarb root powder. My hair comes out amazing soft, not one can guess its not all mine and the best thing is as a natural blond light changes the tone and this still keeps that element happening and i still get people zoning out on my hair as they are trying to figure it out. and yes i was white blond till i was 25 and naturally my hair went more golden so this just looks like a natural blond. Really pleased and best thing you can freeze you mixture and do your roots as often as needed. The pack gives you a cap and will be ordering a larger park next time to save money. Left it on for about 4-5 and to wash it out you need to wash about 7 times (might be less if you don’t use oil) and use a wide tooth to give it a hand.

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