What is black Henna?

Henna is a powder obtained from leaf of indigofera tinctoria. Normal color of henna is red. Some time the dark tone of red looks like black colour. Originally no black colour can be obtained from henna. Companies mix chemicals such as p-phenylenediamine which can give quick black colour. But chemicals may cause allergic reaction. It’s always suggested to use natural herbal henna for safe colouring.

What is neutral henna?

Neutral henna is a green powder obtained from leaf of Cassia Obovata. Neutral henna has golden dye molecule which can be used for colouring blond and grey hair. Cassia obovata contains anthraquinones, particuarly chrysophanic acid with remarkable anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It helps to cure damaged hair and give a gloss and bounce to the hair.

What is Red Henna?

Red henna is the most common and real henna. It is a green powder obtained from leaves of Lawsonia inermis. Normally red henna is treated as pure henna. It is a pure and natural form of henna. It is prepared from the dry leaf of the plant; and gives red colour to hair and skin. Henna is commonly used for body art and hair conditioning and colouring. Red henna gives a wonderful colour and makes your hair heavy, silky and thicker. It is totally safe and natural.

How many types of henna are used?

Originally henna is of only one type that is Red Henna which is obtained from Lawsonis inermis. Red henna is pure henna, rest all henna are not pure henna. Some of them are obtained from different plants and can be used as colorant. Black and other colours which are also known as henna are not henna in real sense. These are dyes which have hard chemical components.

How can I get different colours from different parts of the henna plant?

Pure henna is processed from dry leaf of henna, not any other part. Organic hair dye can be easily made by using henna and other ingredients. Original colour of Henna is red but you can get some other shades of red by mixing some other ingredient with henna powder:
• Indigo( Indigofera tinctoria) gives dark violet blue dye
• Woad (Isatis tinctoria) is a plant that gives a blue dye
• Walnut (Juglans regia) gives you brown hair dye
• Cassia obovata gives you blonde-gold color
• Catechu, Ourouparia gambir and Acacia catechu helps to get blondes, browns, and dark browns
• Saffron, also called Sadr (Crocus sativus L.) gives you blonde hair dye
• Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) is used to create blonde dye colors
• Rhubarb Root (Rheum rhapoticum) is used for blonde tones

How can you get other different shades from henna apart from red?

Original colour of henna is red but you can get some shades of blonde, brown, mahogany and auburn and other shades by mixing henna with amla, indigo, walnut and lawsonia. Henna alone can give only red colour but for different shades, you should be bit experimental and create new colours by mixing other herbs which have dye pigments of different colours.

Could blond Henna change my brown hair to blonde?

Pure henna will give you only red colour. For colour other than red you should mix henna powder with some other herbs which have colour pigments. You can use Rhubarb Root or Chamomile, Anthemis nobilis for getting blonde shade. But these colours are not permanent colours and will give you hair a temporary colour.

How can I use this henna on curly hair?

Henna is safe for all types of hair and easy to apply. You can apply it by making simple paste. Applying and cleaning is very easy. Henna gives relaxing effect on more frizzy, tightly curled hair. It is good for curly hair for making them soft and manageable. Organic henna is best for curly hair.

How much henna do I need? How do I apply henna/indigo/cassia paste to my scalp/hair?

Amount of henna depends on the length of your hair. On an average, 50g-100g of henna is sufficient for normal volume and short hair (boy cut style). For medium (shoulder length) hair 100g-150g henna is sufficient and if you have waist length hair then use 150g-250g henna may be required to cover hair. Henna should be applied on hair only if you want to colour your hair but if you apply it on your skin then also it will not give any side effect. Colour on the skin will fade out after some time. Organic henna and organic hair colours will give you best results.

I have heard that sometimes people get bad reactions to henna. Can you reassure me that this henna will not hurt me?

Henna is herbal and generally do not give any type of side effects. But in case if you are very sensitive towards any type of dye then do a patch test before applying on whole area. People with sensitive skin are recommended to use pure henna without mixing of other ingredients.

Henna gives permanent colour or it fades out with time?

Henna is a natural hair colouring agent. No natural dyeing colour would give you permanent hair colour. Permanent hair colour is obtained only by hard chemicals which gives many side effects and also destroy natural texture of hair. Colour of henna fades out with time but you can get it again by using again.

My hair professional tells me that henna isn’t safe / bad for my hair / needs to be done by an expert. Is it true?

This is just a myth. Henna is totally safe and herbal. So it does not give any type of side effects. It is safe for all type of hair and can be easily applied at home. There are some brands who sell chemical mix henna. This henna may cause you harm. Always buy natural henna without any chemical.

I feel that henna may make my hair fall out?

Henna is safe for hair and does not cause any hair fall. Every hair has its own life cycle and falls down with the completion of cycle. Henna gives more strength and volume to your hair and not hair fall. You can use henna without any tension of hair fall. Only hair with weak root may fall after first application but after that you will get stronger hair. Use organic hair dye and organic hair colour for better results.

What are the main reasons of hair damage?

Hair breakage, split ends and hair fall are in the top of the list of hair problems with which almost everyone is suffering in present time. The major factors behind these hair problems are inadequate life style, polluted environment and poor maintenance of hair and scalp. Your hair can get damaged by using harmful chemicals. Stressful life and poor nutrition also play significant role in increasing hair damage problem.

How can I stop hair loss naturally?

Getting shiny and healthy hair is dream of every individual but hair loss is like a nightmare. There are so many reasons which are responsible for hair loss but you can stop hair fall by following some small tips.
• Massage your scalp regular as it stimulates blood circulation and reduces excess fallout
• Regular brushing of hair helps in breakup of hardened oils (sebum) that are clogging hair follicles
• Avoid regular blow dryers if necessary. Then keep the heat at a good distance with your hair
• Avoid using harmful chemicals like hair creams and styling gels
• After swimming, rinse your hair with fresh water to rinse out the effect of chlorine present in pool water
• Avoid over-exposure with sun and wind
• Avoid tight hats and caps
• Take proper nourishment for healthy hair

How can I get shiny and healthy hair?

You can get shiny and healthy hair by following some easy tips of hair care.
• Massage your scalp regularly with herbal oil
• Wash your hair with herbal products and keep them clean
• Give proper nourishment to your hair externally and internally
• Apply organic hair care products only
• Get proper treatment of Dandruff, alopecia and other scalp disorders

How I can get good henna tattoo?

Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo and very easy to design, just follow some simple steps and get attractive tattoo
Wash the Skin: first of all select the area where you want a tattoo and wash the skin properly.

Apply: Cut the bottom of the cone slightly. Hold cone in your hand and apply some pressure by your thumb to the cone and apply the henna mixture slowly-slowly on your skin.

Create the Design: Create attractive design on your palm or desired area. The design totally depends on your imagination and art.

Ayurvedic Tip: The warmer the body temperature, the faster the henna will stain. Gently steaming the area while the paste is on also helps. Applying smoke of clove gives excellent results.

Wrap Overnight: Wrap up the design for at least 12 hours, or overnight. It will give you elegant and dark henna tattoo.

How can I make my henna tattoo more attractive?

Designs of henna tattoo depend on your imagination. You can also use gold and silver henna cones for making stylish tattoo. Glitter cones alone can also give you attractive tattoos. You can also get white gel cones from our store and show your creativity.

Should I try a hypersensitive test before applying henna?

Henna is herbal and totally safe for use. But it’s always suggested to do a hypersensitivity test before applying henna.
For hypersensitivity test, premix little quantity of henna powder or take henna cone and apply a small amount inside of your arms or ears. Cover the area with cotton or plastic band. Generally, Cassia will not stain the skin but if it does stain it will be light yellow/light orange and it should wash off or fade within 24 hours. In case of Henna & Indigo/Henna Cone paste, the stain may take a few days to fade completely. Wash off a couple of hours later and wait 48 hours. If there are no rashes or irritation then henna is safe for you and you can use it without any tension of allergy.