Henna & its significant medicinal uses


Henna designs and tattoos hold as much importance to various patients as they are significant to the Indian brides and women across the world. Henna is highly significant and also holds a high standard in culture and tradition of Indian weddings. Different styles and sizes of henna tattoos give a beautiful and attractive look to various parts of human body. Being the best alternative for traditional tattoos, henna is also highly considered in Ayurvedic medicine.
Apart from this, henna is highly capable of eliminating various infections and impurities along with soothing the stomach. Henna is very effective in skin diseases. Henna is also used by patients undergoing chemotherapy to embellish the bald scalp or the place where hair used to be before chemotherapy. Henna stains are also very effective in accuracy and comfort in radiotherapy. Its oil is of great use during medicinal treatment of large range of ailments such as headaches, leprosy and various skin diseases. These oils are also used for arthritis pains. Henna barks are highly effective in treatment of various liver disorders. The seeds of this great herb are also used in the treatment of dysentery.
So, basically henna has a great importance in cosmetic purposes. Mainly used as a coloring agent, henna oils are also used in perfumery. Although the use of henna in medicinal treatments needs to be advised by doctors or physicians, the normal home-made remedies of henna can be very effective and curing.

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