Natural hair care product for healthy hair

Natural Hair Care

Have you ever felt the urge to give your hair a golden tint? With cassia obovata you can fulfill your desire without having any adverse effect on your hair. It has been used for centuries as a beauty, health and hair care product. Cassia obovata is a plant known as neutral henna which contains faint yellow or golden color dye. It also has conditioning effects of henna. It is completely safe to use on relaxed, bleached and dyed hair and gives color boost to blonde hair and conditioning benefits to dark hair.
Cassia obovata powder is obtained by harvesting, drying and grounding the leaves into thin powder to provide a natural hair color, conditioner, and a hair care product. In terms of appearance, cassia obovata looks similar to henna powder but doesn’t stain hair. Being an excellent hair conditioner, it gives a healthy scalp with thick and glossy hair. From around 400 species of cassia around the world, many of them are used in making medicines and curing fungal and bacterial infections.

Benefits of Cassia Obovata

  • It adds golden hues and shine to your hair along with making them thick
  • Enhances shine, texture and richness of hair
  • Conditions hair
  • Can be used often as it has no adverse effect on hair or scalp

How to use cassia obovata:

As a dye :

  • Mix cassia obovata powder with natural and pure henna powder and water or lemon juice until it shows the consistency of yogurt
  • Let the paste sit for 10-12 hours
  • Now completely coat your gray hair from tip to root
  • Wrap the applied hair in shower cap and leave to soak in for 2-3 hours
  • Wash and rinse to remove residue

Note: The desired color or result greatly depends on the composition of henna powder and cassia obovata powder.

As a conditioner:

  • Mix cassia obovata powder in warm water and make the paste until it shows the consistency of yogurt
  • Apply the paste on your damp or dry hair completely from root to tip
  • Now wrap your damp hair with shower cap and leave to soak in for 1-2 hours
  • Wash and rinse with shampoo to remove residue
  • Use monthly for thick, healthy and shiny hair

Lastly, natural cassia obovata is a chemical-free, safe natural hair dye and conditioner which has no adverse effects on hair. It brightens and lifts gray hair color along with conditioning and leaving clean healthy scalp. So enhance your curls and give different texture and color to your lovely hair with safe and secure blends of henna and cassia obovata.

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