Dehydrated Dragon Fruit Powder

Dehydrated Dragon Fruit Powder

Dehydrated Dragon Fruit Powder is an excellent 100% natural product without any additive or flavours. It is a pure organic powder stuffed with a lot of goodness. As it is completely natural, it restores its original taste, aroma, colour and nutritional values. The dragon fruit used is from the Hylocereus undatus Family. The red and purple colours of Hylocereus fruits are because of the betacyanins. Betacyanins is a family of pigments that constitutes betanins, the same ingredient that gives beetroot, amaranth and prickly pear their red colour. So, it tastes a little bit similar to beetroot. The dehydrated organic dragon powder is an excellent source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C and minerals. It helps in purifying blood, improving haemoglobin levels, boosts immunity, improves digestion and helps in improving digestion.

Excellent benefits of using dehydrated dragon fruit powder

  • 100% pure natural product without any additive or flavours
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and minerals
  • The Dragon fruit is obtained from the Hylocereus undatus Family
  • Taste is similar to beetroot as it contains betanins that give beetroot he same colour
  • Purifies blood, enhances haemoglobin levels, boost immunity, improves digestion and lowers cholesterols


Product Description

Ingredients: Organic Dragon Fruit Powder

Suggestions for usage: Take 1 teaspoon with lukewarm water daily in the morning for maintaining great health. Generally, this powder should be taken before the breakfast.

Storage: You should keep it away from direct light and heat and store in a cool dry place

Warning:  Consult your doctor before use if you have any medical issues, are taking any medications or are pregnant. Keep this product away from the reach of the children


  • This statement has not been evaluated by the MHRA, Food and Drug Administration or Herbal Magic
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Dietary Supplement







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