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100g Organic Multipurpose Aloe Vera Powder for Skin Care & Hair Care - Natural Slow Dried - Whole Plant Used

Multipurpose Aloe Vera Powder for Skin Care

100g Organic Multipurpose Aloe Vera Powder for Skin Care & Hair Care - Natural Slow Dried - Whole Plant Used

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  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Are you looking to add small changes to your food habits to make your diet more healthy and wholesome? Then try Herbal Magic aloe vera food supplements as they suit perfectly for your need! You never have to miss out on any of your favourite food. Add a spoonful of aloe vera powder with any of your food or drink and maintain a well balanced diet!


  • 100% NATURAL: Our aloe vera dietary food is made as per authentic non-EU agriculture and does not contain any type of GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) to make it more healthy. Also, our powder does not contain any added additives and preservatives so you don’t worry about the safety!


  • DIVERSE HEALTH BENEFITS: Aloe vera is an excellent choice of natural product which has been used for ages for its numerous benefits. Herbal Magic’s aloe vera powder is the go to choice whenever you want to take care of your body in a healthy and natural way.


  • ADVISED USAGE: The pure aloe vera powder can be taken as a supplement along with your daily food. Take one rounded teaspoon of aloe vera powder and mix it in with water or as recommended by your health care professional. You can even mix it with your smoothies, breakfast bowls, juices and shakes etc.


  • STORAGE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: All our healthcare supplements come in tightly sealed plastic packets. Just squeeze the air out of the pouch and keep it sealed when not in use. Do not keep it exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Store it in a cool and dry place. Our product has a shelf life of 24 months and the taste remains intact for 12 months after opening the package.

Natural Sun-Dried at low temperatures


Forget the time you were not able to eat all your favorite foods and had to stick to your healthy diet! Herbal Magic is the one-stop-shop for all your daily nutrients! You never have to compromise on anything to achieve a better and much more nutritious life!

All the materials used in the production of the powder are completely organic and free from any type of toxins. Our aloe vera supplement powder is made from 100% pure and natural aloe vera which does not contain any artificial substances. There are no added preservatives and additives. Also, our products contain no added salt and all the salt present is due to naturally occurring sodium.


Whenever we think of Aloe vera the first thing that comes into our mind is the glowing look it provides when applied to our skin. They have been used as an integral part of healthcare since ancient times. Apart from being beneficial to skincare, it also has various applications when consumed orally. 

Our aloe vera natural herbal supplement is in the form of powder so that it is easy to add it with any of your days to day food items and is suitable for people of all ages. If you are pregnant or nursing and have any medical conditions, consult your physician before using any type of medication or supplement.


Type: Aloe vera powder

Net weight: 100g

Features: 100% Fully Organic and Natural



Organic Aloe Vera Powder

Please do your own independent research regarding general benefits & individual suitability of this product. If you have any sort of hypersensitivity to anything please always refer to a qualified health adviser.

This product does not treat/cure/prevent/diagnose any type of health conditions

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