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Pure & Natural Jujube Powder Indian BER / Date

Pure & Natural Jujube Powder Indian BER / Date

Pure & Natural Jujube Powder Indian BER / Date

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  • Jujube - Come spring and the bountiful nature is ready to shower us with the best fruits and flowers. Jujube or ber as we call it India is one such fruit that makes waiting for the spring worthwhile.
  • Resembling a date in appearance, the fruit is also known as red date, Indian date, Korean date, Chinese date, around the world and is cultivated mainly in South Asia.
  • The slightly tarty and sweet fruit can range from brown to purplish black in colour.
  • 100 grams of jujube have 69 milligrams of vitamin C.
  • Jujubes have low salt content and high potassium content,

Natural Sun-Dried at low temperatures


100% Pure Jujube fruit Powder


Take one teaspoon (approx 3.5gms) of powder mix with lukewarm water daily in the morning (ideally before breakfast)


Please do your own independent research regarding general benefits & individual suitability of this product. If you have any sort of hypersensitivity to anything please always refer to a qualified health adviser.

This product does not treat/cure/prevent/diagnose any type of health conditions

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