Fresh Henna Cones

Henna is in the list of those selected natural herbs which is used for various purposes. This wonderful herb offers numerous medical and cosmetic benefits. Henna tattoo is one of prominent use of henna which is in practice from ancient times. Tattoo is an art which represents the designs on body parts by pigmentation of some colours. Henna tattoo cones are best for those who want temporary tattoo on their body. Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo which remains on body for a limited time. Henna is an herbal product which is processed by the leaves of Lawsonia inermis. It is completely safe for all types of skin. It is also used for making tattoos as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Its Herbal Magic stocks a huge range of fresh henna cones and black henna tattoo kits. These henna cones are filled with pure henna which is grown under controlled climatic conditions for maintaining its purity and herbal values. During the filling and packing of the cones, all norms of hygiene are followed to make sure the quality is maintained.
The basic colour of henna tattoo is maroon. It really gives an elegant look to the design which is made with the cone. At our online store, you can shop for basic maroon colour henna cones along with silver glitter henna cones, gold glitter henna cones, henna cones with Nilgiri oil, black henna tattoo kits and many more. Henna gives beautiful maroon colour but when mixed with some other herbs, it gives various electrifying shades. In our product range, you will also find henna cones with different oils which not only give vibrant colour but also a soothing and cooling effect after application. Make beautiful henna tattoos with our fresh henna cones! Place your order now.